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Be the change – Cambridge on Saturday 13 September at Anglia Ruskin University is supporting two charities

Disability Cambridgeshire

Disability Cambridgeshire is an advice and information service for disabled people and/ or older people and their carers. We serve people of all ages in South and East Cambridgeshire, Fenland and Cambridge City. Mayor of Cambridge Cllr Gerri Bird is supporting Disability Cambridgeshire as one of her two named charities for her term of office. As a mark of thanks to The Mayor for accepting our invitation to come to the event, we will be making a donation to Disability Cambridgeshire. For more information about the work they do in and around Cambridge, see their website at http://www.disabilitycambridgeshire.org.uk/, phone 01480 839192 or email info@disability-cambridgeshire.org.uk

The Dosoco Foundation

The Dosoco Foundation believes that music has the power to change lives. It give grants to support Cambridgeshire-based individuals and projects that are using music to unlock the world, where it needs unlocking. Think young people with complex emotional or behavioural needs that could benefit from music therapy, elderly people with Dementia that could gain so much from singing in a group with others, or individuals with conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis that could use instrument learning to give both physical therapy and a massive boost in confidence.  Dosoco was founded late last year as a spin out of the Cambridge-based Dowsing Sound Collective and gave its first grants out in May. For more information about Dosoco, please see http://thedosocofoundation.org/. For more information about The Dowsing Sound Collective (who will be performing a Christmas gig at The Cambridge Corn Exchange on Sunday 14 December), please see http://thedowsingsoundcollective.com/. The video below is from the Collective’s performance in Bury St Edmunds – you might even spot Antony in the chorus of singers!

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