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We have been incredibly fortunate to have had the backing of a number of supporters and sponsors. One of the organisations that drove us to reach out to young people was Cambridge Ahead. We are delighted to have students from Hills Road and Long Road Sixth Form Colleges, along with students from Cambridge Regional College and Chesterton Community College taking part.

“Who are ‘Cambridge Ahead’?”

Have a look at this video

The chief executive of Cambridge Ahead, Jane Paterson-Todd, had the following to say about Be the change – Cambridge:

“At Cambridge Ahead our vision is for Cambridge to be the greatest small city in the world.  There is certainly the appetite for Cambridge to grow, however growing in an elegant manner is paramount, that offers a strong quality of life for all who live and work in Cambridge.  We need to have a view on the future and what Cambridge will become in 30 years time and start planning for it now.  

We know that Cambridge suffers from a shortage of housing, our education is underfunded, our roads are congested and our public transport system is limiting.   Fundamentally as representatives of big business and enterprise our eye is on the future, the next generation and ensuring Cambridge has all the ingredients required to make it a quality city to live in.  We are now looking at how we can address these key areas in housing, transport, skills and education working in support of and in consultation with the local councils.  

We are delighted to sponsor Be the Change and to get an insight from you, the next generation, on what your Cambridge should be.  We look forward and welcome your thoughts and ideas.”

Quality of life survey 2014

One of the pieces of research commissioned by Cambridge Ahead was their 2014 Quality of Life Survey. You can have a look at the results by clicking here. You can also here Cambridge 105′s Julian Clover radio report about the survey, which also features Prof Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor of our hosts, Anglia Ruskin University – click here to listen.

If you’d like to find out more about Cambridge Ahead, you can find their contact details by clicking here.

Further viewing

For those of you interested in housing and transport issues, Be the change – Cambridge founder Antony Carpen has filmed discussions at some recent council meetings. They are as follows:

If you’ve not got your free ticket for Saturday, click here. So far, 80 people have signed up – almost twice as many as at our Conversation Cafe event in September 2014.


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