Oct 212014

At a meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council’s full council on Tuesday 14 October 2014, councillors debated a motion on the future structure of local government across the county in the face of further budget cuts. The text of the motion is here. You can watch a video of the debate that councillors had on Youtube here. Note also the contribution from Cllr Ian Manning (click here for the video clip) where he mentioned the work Be The Change – Cambridge has already done, and how it could be a possible means of starting this conversation about the future of the county.

This debate took place shortly after Antony Carpen’s public question to Cambridgeshire County Council. (See here for a video of the question, and the response from the leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, Cllr Steve Count).

Update on Spring 2015 event

We’ve had a meeting of the core group of organisers, and will be having a further one shortly to confirm the date of the spring event. We are working with Cambridge City Council and the Cambridge Student Hub to co-ordinate/sequence the event with the Cambridge Community Fair, scheduled for the 28 February 2015. Once we’ve got the essentials confirmed, we’ll have a gathering of interested parties beyond the core group to shape the spring event.

Several of us will also be going along to the event Could Cambridge become a smarter city? which is part of the Cambridge Ideas Festival. It’s on Thurs 30 Oct – hope to see you there!

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