Jan 192015

On 15 January 2015, student societies from Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University and Hills Road Sixth Form College took over the Cambridge Guildhall to host ‘Campaigning Cambridge.’ Antony went along to meet them.

Interested already? Get in touch with them!

Cambridge University Students Union cusu.co.uk
Cambridge Student Hub cambridgehub.org/
Anglia Ruskin Students Union angliastudent.com/

These are just a few snapshots of the groups of young people and supporting organisations doing fantastic work across Cambridge. With Be the change – Cambridge, we want to help our students and young people have an even greater impact on our city by making it much easier for them to get support from adults and our city’s institutions. Things worth considering in advance of our community action event on 14 March 2015 at Anglia Ruskin University are:

  1. How do we, the people of Cambridge communicate with each other and our institutions? (For example what is the role of local TV, local radio, local print publications, online blogs and ‘digital content producers’ – such as those that make digital videos? This goes ***far beyond*** communications strategies that state ‘we will use local radio and social media etc).
  2. How do we change the culture, systems and processes in our institutions so that young people don’t have to fight the same battles every year to get institutions to listen to them? For example, how can we build into institutional systems something that makes them aware every autumn there are Year 12 students looking for community projects to work on as part of their extra curricular/enrichment college programmes? How do we synchronise institutions’ calendars with the Prince’s Trust Team programme and the National Citizen Service programme?
  3. How can we make sure the new arrangements for the Cambridge City Deal work for young people, and for the people of Cambridge rather than just the economy?

The students & young people are up for the challenge.

Are we?


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Jan 132015

The assembly had its first meeting at South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Cambourne offices on 12 January 2015. Both Jon Vale of the Cambridge News, and Antony Carpen of Be the change – Cambridge went along to observe proceedings.

Did you know you can table questions to the assembly?

Both Jim Chisholm of the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, and Dr Julian Huppert MP put their questions to the assembly. Have a look at the video below.

Further videos include:

Please see the end of this post for the rules on tabling formal questions to the assembly if you are considering tabling your own.

Jon Vale of the Cambridge News has summarised the top ten transport projects that were discussed at the meeting. You can read his summary here. See also Jon’s additional report on the meeting here.

You can view the papers for the assembly meetings here. You can also watch the presentation by Graham Hughes of Cambridgeshire County Council to the assembly below. Apologies for the poor audio as I didn’t have access to the council’s AV system. (Note to assembly members, please speak clearly into the microphones!)

We will post the dates of future meetings on our Meetup Group page.


Rules on public questions to the Greater Cambridge Joint City Deal Assembly

“At the discretion of the Chairman, members of the public may ask questions at meetings of the Joint Assembly. This standard protocol is to be observed by public speakers:

  1. notice of the question should be given to the Democratic Services team at South Cambridgeshire District Council (as administering authority) by 10am the day before the meeting; (Graham Watts, Democratic Services Team Leader at South Cambridgeshire District Council, via email graham.watts@scambs.gov.uk or telephone (01954) 713030)
  2. questioners will not be permitted to raise the competence or performance of a member, officer or representative of any partner on the Joint Assembly, nor any matter involving exempt information (normally considered as
  3. ‘confidential’); questioners cannot make any abusive or defamatory comments;
  4. if any clarification of what the questioner has said is required, the Chairman will have the discretion to allow other Assembly members to ask questions;
  5. the questioner will not be permitted to participate in any subsequent discussion and will not be entitled to vote;
  6. the Chairman will decide when and what time will be set aside for questions depending on the amount of business on the agenda for the meeting. Normally questions will be received as the first substantive item of the meeting;
  7. individual questioners will be permitted to speak for a maximum of three minutes;
  8. in the event of questions considered by the Chairman as duplicating one another, it may be necessary for a spokesperson to be nominated to put forward the question on behalf of other questioners. If a spokesperson cannot be nominated or agreed, the questioner of the first such question received will be entitled to put forward their question.”

The above taken from Agenda Item 5, page 3 of the agenda reports pack here.

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Jan 052015

Welcome back everyone for what promises to be a very exciting 2015 in and around Cambridge – not least because of the general election!

January event hosted by the Cambridge Hub

Our wonderful friends at the Cambridge Hub are hosting a second ‘Green Open Space’ gathering on Thurs 22 January at 7pm in the Keynes Hall at King’s College, Cambridge. See here for the Meetup group details - and please register with our Meetup group if you want to receive event updates. Some of us went along to the first gathering the Cambridge Hub hosted just before Christmas – Antony’s writeup of this event is here.

Want to feature in a video for Be the change – Cambridge?

Antony is making a short promotional video for Be the change – Cambridge. He’s looking for people who want to feature in it or perhaps who would like to take part in planning, filming and editing a community digital video. Antony only started making digital videos himself last summer. Here’s what he produced for the Mill Road Winter Fair 2014

Do you recognise any of the individuals, community groups and charities featured in the film? Interested? Drop Antony an email at antonycarpen [at] gmail [dot] com or drop a message via our Facebook page here. We are also on Twitter at @BeTheChangeCam.

Sign up your community group for ‘Volunteer for Cambridge’

Be the change – Cambridge is supporting the Cambridge Hub in organising this event, hosted by Cambridge City Council. It’s on Sat 28 February at Cambridge Guildhall. More details on our Meetup group here. If your community group would like a free stall, please see the Cambridge Hub here.

Big Spring Gathering – Sat 14 March 2014 at Anglia Ruskin University

Please add this in your diaries via our Meetup group here. More details on how to get involved in our headline event will follow in Mid-January.

A busy start to the year – let’s make 2015 count!

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